Volunteer Information

This form is for volunteers that have been invited to join a trip. None of the information will be shared with any third-party. Most of the information is needed to book travel under the correct names. When filling out the form please give the information as stated on your passport.

Please complete the form below

Name *
As it appears on your passport
Address *
No PO boxes
Phone *
One we can reach you at outside the USA
Birthday *
Must be valid for 6 months and 1 day from date of departure FROM destination.
Passport Expiration Date *
Passport Expiration Date
Must be good until 5/11/2020
If different than USA
Emergency contact Phone # *
Emergency contact Phone #
Best airport(s) for International Departure that you can reasonably get to from your home.
If different from 10/26/19-11/9/19. *Volunteer pays the difference in cost (if there is one)
Please use this section to let us know when you would like your tickets arriving and departing, if different then planned dates.
If none, may type none.
Please only list current prescription medications you will be taking with you on the trip.
This is for a NBB t-shirt for the trip
License Standing *
Acknowledment *
Deposit *
Medical Insurance *
Vaccinations *
Photos *