Gallery of Trips from Current Volunteers

Nursing Beyond Borders is currently being operated solely by volunteers.  These are some of their previous missions.


Orphanage Work in India

Morgan spends many summers in India practicing yoga, but also donating his time to a local orphanage.  He uses this time to develop relationships with the orphaned children, and keep their vaccinations current.  He also partners with doctors and clinics to follow-up with the kids after he leaves.


Pediatric School Clinic in the Dominican Republic

Linzi spent time at a school funded by a US non-profit. Here she helped with physicals, vaccinations, and eye exams and established a database for the organization.  The nursing students also prepared curriculum to teach about proper hand hygiene and oral care prior to distributing toothbrushes and soap to the kids.


Clinic work in the remote hills of Guatemala

Linzi has also traveled with medical students, nurse practitioners, and fellow nurses to provide medical exams to those that would otherwise be without healthcare.  This care was provided through different mobile clinics in remote areas throughout Guatemala.