Goal 1

Partner with multiple orphanages, schools, shelters, and clinics and identify their preventative health and education needs. 

**Accomplished in Mexico, Philippines, Guatemala, India, and Cambodia with plans for Ghana, Laos, and Nepal in the future.

Goal 2

Raise a third to a half of the total trip(s) cost to help off set the cost to the nurse volunteers who are already donating vacation time, pay, time away from their families, and money from their own pocket.

**Accomplished on all past missions. Currently raising money for Cambodia team trip 2019.

Goal 3

Develop customized curriculum for different age groups and different literacy levels in order to educate the children and families in the most effective way possible.

**Ongoing and changes with every trip.

Goal 4

Recruit and prepare 6-8 nurses to attend every mission trip, and make a difference in the lives of countless children and families.