We are currently planning trips to Mexico to provide preventative health services to children and families in need. Below is a list of our partners providing  infrastructure and community outreach for our visits.  If you are interested in our services, and would like us to visit your organization please contact us.




Big Heart Orphanage and Regents School  | Reynosa, Mexico

  • This border town organization provides shelter and/or schooling to over 100 children, and their families all in need of our preventative health and education services.

Families de la Esperanza  |  Magisterio, Mexico

  • This organization provides shelter, education, and activities for families and children living around the city dump. They are in need of screenings, education, and love.

Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza  | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • This orphanage is home to up to 40 orphans at any given time, and is need of screenings, labs, and preventative education for their children and staff.

Children at the Dump Vallarta  |  Jalisco, Mexico  

  • This organization provides feeding centers and education for children around the city dump. We will be able to help hundreds of people obtain preventative care.



SUBIC BAY CHILDREN’S HOME | Subic bay, Philippines

This home has about 50 children as well as staff members that could use our preventative health services as well as education to prevent disease.

GLORy reborn | Cebu, Philippines

This birthing center has helped over 3500 mothers deliver their babies. Nursing Beyond Borders is needed to help with education of the pregnant mothers, and to help at the HIV outreach areas.

Gentle Hands | Metro Manila, Philippines

This particular orphanage has over 120 children and staff that need our preventative health services, and health education. We look forward to helping so many children all at once.

Bahay Tuluyan | Manila, Philippines

This organizations has various sites, and provides a number of programs and services to the children of Manila. We hope to help those kids be healthier with our preventative physicals, and educational activities.

Other Countries:

We are constantly involved with other organizations to expand our scope to the rest of the world. Here is a list of other places we are working on partnerships with:





We are currently talking to organizations located in Lima and Cusco, Peru. The estimated benefit would be around 200-400 people if these partnerships work out. If you are an organization in Peru in need of nursing services please feel free to contact us!



We are currently talking with organizations in Tegucigalpa, and Cebu, Honduras to help with education needs for the children, and staff, physicals, and nutrition screenings.  We would be interested in helping with more organizations in this area as well. If you are an organization in need of nursing services please let us know.



We are currently talking with organizations in Siem Reap, Cambodia to help with education needs, eye exams, and nutrition screenings.  A NGO in Cambodia is working with us to connect us to more organizations in need of our services. We would be interested in helping with more organizations in this area as well. If you are an organization in need of nursing services please let us know.



We are currently talking with organizations in Mumbai, Delhi, and many in Madhya Pradesh.  There are so many needs in this country including; sanitary education, nutrition screenings, vaccinations,  eye exams, physicals, and nutrition screenings.  The living conditions are like none you can imagine, and the acute needs here are astronomical. We hope to send nurses here soon.