Thank you for your interest. Please read below regarding the volunteer process:

We invite you to read our about sections as they help explain our mission, goals, and plans. If you still feel that you are interested in volunteering please follow these instructions:

1. View the available dates and trips, and determine if they line up with your schedule.

2. Fill out the application form located here.

3. We do not require prior mission experience.  Some experience with pediatrics is preferred, but not required.  We like to take a variety of experience on the trips so that the new nurses can learn something from the experienced nurses.

4. We will contact you between 5-6 months prior to the trip to determine if you have been picked to attend the mission you selected.

5. Once you have been offered a spot you will need to respond within one week to let us know if you are still able to go so that we can offer the position to another candidate if your plans have changed.

6. A monetary deposit -different for each trip- will confirm your spot. We will request this from you once you have agreed to attend the mission.  We will also send you a packet that details other information we need to collect as well as information to join us on this journey.

7. About 3 months prior to departure we will require the remaining amount due for the trip.  You are welcome to raise these funds through tax deductible donations directly to our organization-in your name-if you do not want to pay them wholly out of pocket.  We require a deposit because this will secure your plane ticket, and in most instances this ticket is non-refundable. 

8. From the time you are selected and commit to a mission until the time you land in the country you will be sent correspondence from Nursing Beyond Borders that will help you prepare for the trip.

9. All trips will include an education component to the children and to the community.   We expect all volunteers to participate in teaching these healthcare components.  These generally will cover something simple like, teeth-brushing, hand hygiene, diabetes prevention, etc.  Information will be sent regarding the topics that will be covered for the different organizations.

10. We also encourage any supply donations you might procure; such as reading glasses, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand-sanitizer, hand soap, combs, brushes, shampoo, and bar soap to name a few. Medications we frequently need include; tylenol, motrin, vitamins, antacids, peptobismal, dewormers, and hydration salts.

11. If you have any questions regarding the process please do not hesitate to contact us! info@nursingbeyondborders.or