Partnered Countries

We are currently planning trips to Mexico to provide preventative health services to children and families in need. Below is a list of our partners providing  infrastructure and community outreach for our visits.  If you are interested in our services, and would like us to visit your organization please contact us.


-Partnered NGOs below-


Big Heart Orphanage and Regents School  | Reynosa, Mexico

  • This border town organization provides shelter and/or schooling to over 100 children, and their families all in need of our preventative health and education services.

  • We provided over 200 assessments on these children and their families, and created databases for followup with dentists and optometrists in April 2018!

Manos De Amor  |  Bucerías, Mexico

  • This orphanage houses up to 40 children, and provides all the daily necessities including ensuring they attend the local school. We sent a team to assess the children here, and at the nearby school (see below) in April 2019.

Benito Juarez School | Bucerías, Nayarit Mexico

  • This school is where the Manos de Amor children attend school. They have over 200 children that we visit for health assessments, and education. We will be sending a long-term nurse here to follow up on our assessments from our recent team trip this April. Individual nurse needed for 2-4 weeks Fall 2019

Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza  | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • This orphanage is home to up to 40 orphans at any given time, and is need of screenings, labs, and preventative education for their children and staff.

  • We sent nurses here in April 2018 to perform health assessments, and connect the orphanage to a local doctor while also creating databases of our health findings for future follow ups.


-Partnered NGOs below-

Bahay Tuluyan | Metro Manila, Philippines

This children’s shelter provides refuge for street kids in the ‘red light’ districts. They not only provide a place for the children to escape the drugs, and abuse of street life but provide vocational education to teach them farming and hospitality so that they can grow up to have jobs that will help keep them off the streets. They need a nurse to help with assessing the children’s health status, and facilitating healthcare follow up appointments as well as preventative disease education. **Individual nurse arriving August 2019

GLORy reborn | Cebu, Philippines

This birthing center has helped over 3500 mothers deliver their babies. Nursing Beyond Borders is needed to help with education of the pregnant mothers, and to help at the HIV outreach areas. **Long term nurse assignment (at least 3 weeks)

SOS Children’s Villages | Cebu & Tacloban, Philippines

These villages exist to provide a home with a ‘house mom’ to care for up to ten children. Each home is part of a larger village so that the children get to grow up in something that resembles a ‘normal life’. These villages need our nurses to perform yearly assessments on their children and facilitate local follow up with the appropriate healthcare providers. We recently provided reading glasses to the community volunteers, and first aid kits to the Cebu Village, but hope to bring more supplies with a nursing team in Summer 2020.


-Partnered NGOs below-

Feeding Dreams Cambodia | Siem Reap, Cambodia

Feeding Dreams is a Cambodian charity and a grass roots community school providing free education, school meals, and community support to over 800 poor children and families living in Siem Reap's slums. They need our nurses to come for mass assessments on their children, and to help facilitate follow up with the local providers. **Team trip October/November 2019

New Hope Cambodia | siem Reap, Cambodia

New Hope Cambodia provides free education, health care, and community development service to the people of Mondul Bai. From humble beginnings as a grassroots organization, New Hope Cambodia has become an internationally respected non-government organization (NGO) supported by individuals, businesses and service organizations worldwide. They need a team of nurses as well as an individual nurse to help see the children at their school, and facilitate follow up with local health providers. **Individual start anytime minimum 1 month

Other Countries:

We are constantly involved with other organizations to expand our scope to the rest of the world. Here is a list of other places we are working on partnerships with:





We are currently talking to organizations located in Luang Prabang and Vientiane, Laos. The estimated benefit would be around 600-1000 people. One organization is a hospital that needs nurses to educate their local staff, the other is a school in need of health assessments. If you are an organization in Laos in need of nursing services please feel free to contact us!



We are currently talking with organizations in Cape Coast Ghana regarding a partnership that would focus on HIV and malaria prevention and education, as well as providing health assessments to tribal villages.



We are currently talking with organizations in Tahnahu, Nepal. There is an organization with many disable children in need of many services.  There are so many needs in this country including; sanitary education, nutrition screenings, vaccinations,  eye exams, physicals, and nutrition screenings.  The living conditions are like none you can imagine, and the acute needs here are astronomical. We hope to send nurses here soon.