Volunteer FAQs


Do I have to be a nurse to volunteer?

We prefer to take LVNs, RNs, or NPs on our trips, but would consider nursing students if our trips are short on volunteers.

How many nurses do you take?

We take between 6-10 depending on the needs of the organizations we are helping. There will be other types of volunteers once we arrive in the country.

How do you decide on who gets to volunteer?

We like to take a mixture of nurses. This includes different types of specialties, levels of experience, and mission experience. We will set a deadline for application for each trip, and will make our decision based on the applications we have by that deadline.

How much does a trip cost each volunteer?

We try to keep cost low for the volunteers with donations from outside sources. The cost of the trip to the nurses varies by the overall cost of the trip. This is estimated and updated under our ‘future trips’ section. When a volunteer is selected the total amount will be included in the selection letter. 

I have a family member or significant other that would like to attend. Can they also come?

We only subsidize part of the trips for the nurses, but because we will be working in orphanages and schools there will most likely be other jobs that could be done, and that person is welcome to help in that capacity.  For further information regarding this special circumstance you may contact us if you are selected for the trip, and we can explain to you the possible options for the given location.

What will I be doing on these trips?

The majority of the time will be spent in orphanages, schools, and/or clinics providing education and preventative care to children.  After performing exams and obtaining baseline data from the children we will spend time on health education. Most trips will head to at least 2 different sites spending 2-4 days at each site. This maximizes the degree of impact we have in the country.  

Do I need a passport?

Yes. Nursing Beyond Borders will not provide you with this, and it is expected that if you are applying for a position you are a current US passport holder, and that your passport will be good for at least 6 months and a day from the end date of the trip. Many countries will not let you enter if your passport expires too soon.

Ex: Trip date April 1-April 7th, 2019. Your passport would need to be valid until October 8th, 2019

What will I need to bring?

This will be location specific, and the information will be included in the packet you receive if you are selected for the mission.